Brandon Flowers Opens Up About Album

     The release date for Brandon Flower's solo album Flamingo is approaching, and the singer is opening up about the record.  Like many of the Killer's previous album, Flamingo is about his experience in fabulous Las Vegas.

     “It’s about the experiences I’ve had with Las Vegas,” Flowers told Spin. “A lot of my life took place on Flamingo [Road]. It’s part of Vegas mythology, and now it’s part of my own mythology. My first job was at a golf course on Flamingo. Sam’s Town [a casino that inspired the title of The Killers' 2006 album]… is on Flamingo. I met my wife at a clothing store on Flamingo. That’s my ‘hood.”

     Flowers also admits to missing his band.

     "At first I thought [going solo] would be this liberating thing, and now I've come to realize that it's nice to have the guys there with you going through the experience. I have a renewed admiration for the band."

      A few songs from the album are available for preview on the Spin website and a handful of other tracks have been performed live and landed on YouTube.  Catch the clips after the jump.

"Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts"

"Hard Enough"


nick said...

so good! this an album that i'd want to get and a concert that would be awesome to see.

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