Cheryl Cole "Promise This"

     What separated British girl group Girls Aloud from predecessors like the Spice Girls wasn't only the fact that they were celebrated by critics and actually made good music, but that they realized that they were stronger together than they were apart. The group recorded five albums in as many years, and not once did it seem like any of them had any thoughts of going solo.

     Maybe that's why it seemed more natural for singer Cheryl Cole to go solo when the group went on hiatus in 2009. There was no public animosity within the Aloud and Cheryl seemed to be doing it only because making music was what she loved and not to feed a massive ego. 

     With Cole's second album only months away, and fellow bandmate Nadine Coyle's solo project nearing completion, any hopes of Girls Aloud getting back together seem dim.  With music as inventive and interesting as "Promise This" though, it doesn't seem so bad.

      "Promise this: If I die before I wake...take the time to say your grace," Cole sings in the song's very 90's music video.  Another instant classic for Miss Cole.


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