The Top 7 Best Britney Spears Covers of All Time

     The second most awful show on television is airing an episode dedicated to the legendary Miss Britney Spears tonight, and it will include several uninspired covers of the pop star's catalog (with one exception, an acoustic take on "Toxic"). Instead of listening to those cheap knock offs, spin these covers of classic Britney tunes after the jump.

"...Baby One More Time" - Fountains of Wayne

"Overprotected" - Joan as a Police Woman

"Toxic" - Local H

"Gimme More" - Chris Dallman

"Piece of Me" - Tricky

"Womanizer" - Lily Allen

"Circus" - The Sunset Takeover


Jims Porter said...

First of all, the "Acoustic Cover" of Toxic was not nearly as good as I'd hoped. It would be better classified as "A cappella" than "Acoustic".

Also, thank you for recognizing the Lily Allen cover of "Womanizer" is really good. I once attempted to share it with a car-full of peers on a certain trip to Las Vegas and it was severely under-appreciated.

Finally, yeah. Glee sucks.

HesstonsHullabaloo said...

I love Brit!!!

GLEE may be crappy but I love it. Ya'll need to stop hatin'. Haters.
Some people like to hate on things like Glee, Katy Perry & Black Eyed Peas I think partly to start riotous upheaval among their peers.

Also I would not spend my time listening to this version of "Overprotected", "Gimme More" or "Piece of Me" ... Please...

I do like the "Circus" and "Toxic" is alright.

Either way though Brit is a freakin super star, no one can get enough of her magnetic presence and her killer songs. Love Love Love (thats what I'm all about)

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