Kanye West "Runaway" The Movie

     If Lady Gaga thinks her 10-minute music videos are ground breaking, she's got another thing coming. Her former tour mate Kanye West has released a 35-minute movie entitled Runaway to promote his upcoming album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. West said the film draws inspiration from other extended music videos and music films such as Prince's Purple RainPink Floyd The Wall, and Michael Jackson's Thriller as an expression of West's music.

     The film is, "an overall representation of what I dream," West said at the London premiere. The rapper said that 90% of the music in Runaway, including "Power", "All The Lights", "Devil In A New Dress", and the title track will appear in his forthcoming album.

     The storyline features West's character, Griffin who rescues a phoenix who crash lands on earth. Griffin shows the phoenix what life on Earth is about. ("The first rule of this world is: Don't pay attention to anything you see in the news," Kanye says.)

     Watch the full length film below.


Anonymous said...

It is good, but I think that it is a little over done...But hey people like him. Not sure why though.

kels said...

This is BORING! Like, what?

Anonymous said...

who gives a shit???

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