Pros and Cons of Toms

Toms have exploded in popularity among younger crowds. On any given busy sidewalk during passing time at BYU, at least one pair of Toms can be spotted on the feet of a student. So, what's all the rage about?

1. By buying a pair of Toms, you buy a pair of shoes for a shoeless child. Essentially, you're donating to charity.
2. Toms are comfortable: a light, airy canvas is sewed to a comfy, suede insole (not to mention a latex sponge for arch support).
3. Toms look awesome with skinny jeans. Skinny jeans will be going out of style any day now, but as far as shoes go, Toms compliment the skinny style the best.
4. Toms can be worn with any style:: bohemian, preppy, sporty and average Joe without a sense of style. (However, they may look a little out of place with Carharts.)
5. Toms come in dozens of shapes, styles and colors. You can buy lace-up shoes, canvas wedges, glittery flats, classic canvas shoes, wrap up boots, and even wool lace-up shoes. The materials and styles are endless; they have something for everyone. Toms virtually come in every color and they often have "limited-time only" designs. Sometimes, artists will even go to a Nordstroms and draw on your Toms. (For a full list of Toms products go to

1. You can't wear socks with them. Well, you can, but you'll look like an idiot. Because you can't wear socks with Toms, there is a big chance that they'll start stinking within a couple months.
2. If you get the sole wet, the edges of the inner suede soles start to warp and it irritates your feet.
3. They aren't very winter friendly. The soles are made of relatively smooth rubber that offer little to no grip. Gripless shoes and icey sidewalks are not a good combination. Also, Toms won't keep your feet warm because the canvas and other materials are light-weight.
4. Toms don't fit everyone. If you have pretty wide feet, you probably won't be able to wear them. If you have abnormally skinny feet and ankles, you probably won't be able to wear them. Make sure you try a pair on before you buy them or your might regret it.
5. There is absolutely no water protection on these shoes. If Toms get wet, then so do your feet and it takes them a while to dry. When they do dry, they will stink. So, be careful to not walk through puddles, sprinklers, or wet grass.

Overall, Toms are cool because they support a cause. If the One for One movement wasn't a selling point for Toms, then Toms wouldn't be as popular as they are. Toms will be around for a long time because their products are so versatile. But before you think about buying a pair of Toms, consider waiting until the snow melts next April. You don't want to wear these in winter.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so ur talking about winter. What about places like Florida where it doesnt snow? It doesnt snow all over the world. id like to know how they work in warm climates (:

abbylynn said...

They work really well in warm climates as well. :)

Anonymous said...

it just rained a lot today and i walk home so i couldn't avoid getting them wet :/ i just got them too :(

Anonymous said...

I got a drop of water on my Toms and I'm really worried :c

Anonymous said...

You can wear socks!! When I first got my toms, I found these "Invisible Socks" at Ardenes. CLICK ON THIS->

Ruth Chanter said...

The cons of toms in the summer are that they make your feet sweat, causing a build up of wet, slimy sweat and skin stuck to the sole. Nice, lol.

Anonymous said...

You can wash them to help with the stink- rinse them, throw them in a lingerie bag and wash normally (I did not use the delicate cycle.) I throw a little baking soda in with my laundry normally so, that takes care of any odor. I air dry them outside in the shade, usually takes around 2 hrs in a dry climate.

michelle said...

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