Top 10 Midterm Election Stories

     Just in case you didn't know, there was an election yesterday. Yes, that's why people were wearing "I Voted" stickers. No, Obama was not up for reelection. In the event that you had no idea what happened, here are some of the highlights so you can dazzle your friends with your knowledge:

1. Republicans won control of the House of Representatives
Members of the House of Representatives are up for reelection every two years, so it's a lot more volatile than the Senate. The Republicans will have 239 seats to the Democrat's 185. That means Nancy Pelosi will no longer be Speaker of the House. It will probably end up being America's tannest politician, Ohio Congressman John Boehner (Laugh it up, but it's pronounced bay-ner, not boner).

2. Republicans didn't win control of the Senate
Democrats shouldn't feel too bad because it could have been worse. They kept control of the Senate with 52 seats compared to the 46 seats Republicans will have.

3. Christine O'Donnell sure was on TV a lot, but she didn't win her race
Even though no one knows the name of the guy who actually won, Tea Party backed Republican Christine O'Donnell lost her race for a Delaware Senate seat. She was the most covered candidate in the midterm election thanks to distracting clips from her appearance on the Bill Maher show "Politically Incorrect" in the late 90s. Although she didn't campaign on morality, the "lamestream" media made it out to be that way. Oh well, I'm sure she's in talks to appear on "Dancing with the Stars" or get her own reality show as we speak.

4. The Rent Is Too Damn High candidate didn't win either
Jimmy McMillian, the New York gubernatorial candidate for the Rent Is Too Damn High Party didn't win surprisingly. Maybe it was the fact that he has nun chucks in the back of his car (which are illegal in New York) or maybe it's the allegation that he actually doesn't pay rent.

5. Democrats worst nightmare comes true in Florida
Democrats like to think they have the corner on the market when it comes to minorities, but did you know there are actually Republicans who aren't middle aged Caucasian men? One of them is Marco Rubio who won his Florida Senate race last night. Rubio is a Cuban-American with a very nice attractive family that is perfect for smiling for cameras during rallies when you're running for President of the United States. Some people say he should do that.

6. Tea Party runs out of steam in Nevada, Harry Reid keeps his seat
Despite intense anti-incumbent fervor in Nevada, Senate majority leader Harry Reid kept his seat, beating Tea Party favorite Sharon Angle. Although Reid faces dismally low approval numbers, many voters felt more comfortable voting for him than for Angle who has had her share of gaffs this campaign.

7. Marijuana is still illegal in California
California's Prop 19 sought to legalize marijuana, but it failed. Sorry potheads.

8. $119 million isn't enough to buy a Governor's Mansion
Former eBay CEO and California Republican Meg Whitman allegedly spent $119 of her own money in her unsuccessful campaign for governor. That's a record for a U.S. candidate and serious buyer's remorse.

9. Bristol Palin didn't vote
The "Dancing with the Stars" star and daughter of former Republican Vice Presidential candidate didn't vote. "I did not send in my absentee ballots to Alaska. I'm going to be in trouble. Sorry, mom!" Bristol said. Can you blame her though? Youth vote was down significantly this election, and most youth don't have to dance weekly in front of a live television audience.

10. Alaska may elect first write-in candidate in 50 years
Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski lost her party's nomination to the Tea Party backed Joe Miller but decided to run anyways as a write-in candidate. That means voters would have to select "other" and remember how to write "Murkowski". The odds were against her, but it looks like she might win, making her the first write-in candidate to win a Senate election in 50 years. Votes are still being tallied, so results are not yet final. Sarah Palin supported Joe Miller, so if he loses, Bristol will probably be grounded.


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