Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

Today, the King of Pop turns 50. It's funny, a couple days ago, my friend got a picture texted to him of Michael Jackson with white skin sans nose that played erie music as a message declaring 'I Will Rape You' flashed across the screen. How is it that Jackson has fallen so far and become the butt of countless jokes, yet, twenty years later his music is still loved by critics, music fans, and everyone else the three minutes that "Billie Jean" or "Beat It" plays. You can't deny this man's musical genius; he has crafted some of the most enduring and catchy pop songs in the entire history of popular music. He amassed 13 #1 singles from 1972 to 1995, more than any other male solo artist. He has been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame twice, once as a member of the Jackson 5 and once as a solo artist. And then you have Thriller. 37 weeks at #1. Best selling album for two years. It is estimated to have sold 65 million copies worldwide and is still popular today selling 130,000 copies a year. Nothing like that was likley to happen again and after the birth of Napster, nothing like that is possible again. Anyways, happy birthday Michael. You're effing weird but for some reason we love you anyways. Here is his infamous performance of "Billie Jean" at the Motown 25 show.


Bronson said...

It's also John McCain's birthday and Sarah Palin's anniversary. McCain is older than Jackson though.

vicm said...

It's weird that Michael Jackson is the poster boy for 80's music but he only released 2 albums the entire decade. Good albums, but still, only 2. He spent alot of time on them I guess.

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