The Sweetness Is Being Concerned With Them A Lot
Has it really come to this? I wish Chase This Light sold more.


afree said...

I hope that's not a real song.

::ana zaida riquelme:: said...

the creators of yo gabba gabba are from my home ward. one of them was my sunday school teacher. cool huh?

even cooler is that my friend, who looks like old-school brit brit, is the one in the pink suit with the flower on its head.

thought you'd be interested to know this.

Anonymous said...

I had to see it to believe it.

Anonymous said...

can I get a blogroll?

hun*ter said...

Yes you can.

Interesting indeed. I wonder if the guy who was your Sunday School teacher called up Tom Linton's dad who was a Stake President in Mesa and asked him if his son's band could do them a favor.

Real song, just not really on one of their albums. I've always said that Jimmy Eat World can pull of lyrics that no one else can (such as "The Middle") and somehow they're not cheesy. Nothing could save them on this though.

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