Upcoming Releases Update

Kanye West
808's and Heartbreak
"November something"

Lead Single: "Love Lockdown"
Kanye has moved up his fourth album from December 16 to "November something" saying, "I finished the album and I felt like (moving up the date). I want yall to hear it as soon as possible." He's also announced his involvement in a muppet-uppet variety show entitled Alligator Boots.

Christina Aguilera
November 11
Lead Single: "Keeps Gettin' Better"

Christina first got her big break singing "Reflection" from Mulan, the Disney film about a young Chinese girl who wants to be a "Fighter" and signs up for the Chinese army to stop the Hun. Ten years later, Christina is donning a space helmet for the cover of her greatest hits package. Today, China is launcing their third manned mission into space. Coincidence? We think not.

The Killers
Lead Single: "Human"
The Stuart Price produced "Human" is now streaming on the Killer's official preview. Brandon Flowers asks, "Are we human or are we dancer?" I didn't know that those two things were mutually exclusive.

Britney Spears
December 2

Lead Single: "Womanizer"
Simon Cowell has confirmed that Britney will be performing on X Factor, the British version of American Idol and #1 show in the country. In conversation with Extra who reported the annoucement, Cowell commented, "I've always said this about Britney -- that she's a hugely talented person. Everyone wants to work with her because she's a star. She's the number one booking in the world at the moment for a show... The fact that she goes a bit crazy occasionally makes her more interesting. And now she has her career back on track -- fantastic. I'm thrilled."


Bronson said...

I was under the impression that Simon Cowell hated Britney Spears. Apparently not. If he likes you, you know you got it going on.

JLH&KP said...

Interesting that a few years ago, when Simon Cowell was asked who America's best (and his personal favorite) pop star was, he mentioned Christina Aguilera... No surprise to me.

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