DJ Earworm: "Reckoner Lockdown"(Radiohead & Kanye West)
The apocalyptic warning that 'pop will eat itself' has come true this decade as the genre of bootleg mash-ups, sometimes called 'mutant' or 'bastard' pop has exploded. Remixers take two or more songs and 'mash' them together to create a new composition. In order to do this, the different parts of the song, or stems as they are called, are needed. There are stems for the vocals, the lead guitar, the bassline, the percussion, everything. It used to be that you were lucky to find all these different stems but now, artists themselves are supporting the remix/bootleg culture. Throughout the year, Radiohead has sold stems to songs from In Rainbows through iTunes to much success. Kanye West followed suit, though he outradioheaded Radiohead and offered "Love Lockdown" stems free on his personal blog. Celebrated mash-up maistro, DJ Earworm, has reassembled the disassembled "Reckoner" and "Love Lockdown" to create another landmark mash-up, "Reckoner Lockdown".


vicm said...

Mash-ups are the best! Has Richard X done any latley?

hun*ter said...

Not, not as of late. He's been spending most of his time working with Annie and Sam Sparro.

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