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"Womanizer" - Britney Spears
Blaring sirens signal the return of Britney Spears for her new single "Womanizer". The production shines just like a glossy new Britney track is supposed to thanks to up and coming team the Outsyders. If you didn't know the name of the song before you heard it, it would take less than a minute to guess after she repeats the title the nine times with much more to follow. If you say it enough, people will end of liking it. Spears confronts her womanizer stuttering, "Boy don't try to front I-I know just-just what you are-are-are" followed by calls of "you" ringing out like a fire alarm. The eight second bridge seems forced but it's OK because it's length lets her get back to saying "womanizer" as soon as possible. The music video, directed by Joseph Kahn (who also worked with Spears on "Stronger" and "Toxic") pays homage to her massive back catalogue of videos, channeling "Toxic" in particular (notice the fat guy from the airplane bathroom scene after Britney photocopies her derriere). At this point in her career, the stakes are high, and "Womanizer" isn't up to par, but it just might cut it. The track has been the top seller on iTunes for four days and running, and after a #97 debut, this song has the potential to set the record for biggest jump to #1 a week after T.I. raised the stakes. That would make "Womanizer" Spears' biggest hit in a decade. While she has had some many other songs much more deserving of the honor, it could cement her comeback as one of the biggest in pop history.
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Preview for her MTV Documentary For The Record:

"I'm a smart person...what the hell was I thinking?" - Britney Spears


Anonymous said...

She's back.

Anonymous said...

And from the sound of it she still has that persistent nasal congestion, poor thing.

Anonymous said...

Damn, she's hot! Makes me wish I wasn't so into boys...

vicm said...

Is it just me or did the music video make the song better? Joseph Kahn is amazing. This video has so many jokes in it that you miss the first time like when the womanizer picks up his nokia phone and the date is April 20, 4/20, and he has a product placement meeting that day. Classic.

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