You Can Put Lipstick On A Celebrity Who Is Famous For Being Famous But She's Still Stupid
Mark My Words, If Paris Hilton Is Elected President, The United States Will Be Attacked

It used to be my opinion that "Summer Girls" by LFO was the worst song ever created. I believe we should nominate a new one. Introducing, "Paris For President".

"Paris For President" - Paris Hilton

And just so you can see both the candidates and make an intelligent decision, here is "Summer Girls"

"Summer Girls" - LFO

Which is the worst song ever created? Go and vote. Want to nominate another song? Leave a comment. Rock the Vote 17 Tracks.


Anonymous said...

Blue - Eiffel 65

vicm said...

Who Let The Dogs Out - Baha Men

Anonymous said...

Barbie Girl by Aqua and the Macarena

Bronson said...

Who Let the Dogs Out was pretty bad, but man, Paris For President is TERRIBLE!

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