2009 Grammy Predictions

Below are the official 17 Tracks 2009 Grammy predictions. Notice, I did not say who should win. It's who will win. The time was taken to review past Grammy winners to determine who the academy would likely select. Any other year, Adele or Duffy could have snabbed the best new artist award easily, but I'm thinking the voters will be split and the Jonas Brothers will end up triumphant. For better or for worse, that category has the stigma of meaning that if you win, you're doomed to losing all significance a couple years down the road (Like Hootie & the Blowfish beating out Shania Twain, Alanis Morrisette, and Brandy in 1996. Are you for real?). But Robert Plant & Alison Krauss look like they could come out as big winners with both the Record and Album of the year.

Tune in for the 51st Grammy awards this Sunday on CBS. Send in your predictions to 17tracks@gmail.com and if you score better than we did at your predictions, you win a free something. I'll figure out exactly what later, but seriously, you'll win something. For a full listing of the nominees, click here.
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