Springsteen Crashes the Super Bowl

Can we stop and think about the mind boggling amount of money that is spent because of the Super Bowl? First off, you have the game itself and all the tickets that are purchased for the game, flights, hotels, etc. There are the incredibly expensive commercials, the massive amounts of chips and dip, and all the Cardinals memorabilia purchased by Arizonans quickly forgetting their lack of interest in the NFL team and jumping on the Cards bandwagon. The Super Bowl is a money making machine.

The music industry is no exception. Playing the half time show has always given artists a boost. In 2005, Paul McCartney experienced a 246% jump in sales for All The Best while last year, Tom Petty's Anthology: Through The Years achieved a similar feat with a 240% jump. The most dramatic sales increase however, followed Prince's 2007 performance which resulted in a 420% sales increase for Purple Rain.

Springsteen is hoping he'll see the same success with his new album Working On A Dream. Since it came out just days before the big game, he'll get an infinity% sales boost. Not even Prince can compete with that. But honestly, the guy didn't even sing "Born In The U.S.A." and he rammed his crotch into the camera. I don't know how I feel about all that. Luckily, no complaints have been filed with the FCC...yet.


drama17 said...

Super Bowl Rocks :) Go Cardinals :)!!! It was a great game--the half time show not so much. :(

Raiders are so much better though :)

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