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"Untouchable" - Girls Aloud

The crown jewel of Out Of Control and clocking in at 6:44, "Untouchable" is the Aloud's "Bohemian Rhapsody", their "Stairway To Heaven", an epic, compelling masterpiece that deserves to be played in its entirety. Unfortunately, to get any radio airplay in this age of microwave gratification, a radio edit was needed. Luckily, all the best parts remain, with Nadine Coyle hoping for the euphoric highs of love singing, "In my dreams it feels like we are never gonna fall, we're safe and sound. We're untouchable." as synthesizers blissfully pulse alongside gentle guitar riffs. This is disco with heart and a brain. The bridge is pure poetry as Coyle continues, "Without any meaning, we’re just skin and bone, like beautiful robots dancing alone". The video clip re imagines the Girls as space sirens crash landing on Earth with what we can only assume is a charge from their home planet to change mankind's notion that "pop" is a dirty word.


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