Vanilla Ice Rocks Orem, Apologizes for Lameness

Newsweek recently ran an article mocking Provo/Orem young adult culture in its enthusiasm for Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer's show at UVU. The writer of the article obviously didn't sense the irony associated with Mormon twenty something's excitement for the show. I didn't go because anything over $5 seemed like too much for these washed up rappers, but I had a lot of friends that went. Sure, most of them dressed up in neon spandex, but none of them really meant it. Going out and doing stupid things like attending a Vanilla Ice concert is what you do when you don't drink alcohol. Read the article here. Then enjoy Vanilla Ice apologizing for making the music he did.


God Bless**AmY** said...

HaHa!! I would have so been one of your friends-I love them I grew up on their music. I would have taken Patrick, my uncle, we would have dressed up and rocked out!! Ice Ice Baby :) Peace out

madsquid said...

that apology was AWESOME.

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