MPHO (Mmmmmm-poh)

She's the British Santogold, the female Prince, and she's got the hottest track of the year. 2009 is more than halfway over and nothing has struck me more than "Box N Locks" by MPHO.

MPHO, pronounced Mmm-poh (not Em-Pee-Ayech-oh), is originally from South Africa. Daughter of a black father and a white mother, she spent her first birthday in jail because of her mother's activity in the anti-apartheid movement. The family sought refuge and eventually moved to Great Britain where Mpho (yes, it's her actual name...Mpho Skeef) has spent the past decade trying to make a name for her in the music business.
Here's the video for "Box N Locks". Enjoy.


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Sweet song!

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