Save Mariah

Mariah Carey's Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel was originally slated for an August 25th release date but, after the cool reception lead single "Obsessed" has received, the album has been pushed back to September 15th.

Mimi's minions, commonly referred to as "lambs", have mobilized in an attempt to rescue their diva's song from its mediocre (for her) chart placing. A blog run by "Allamb" has popped up asking fans to donate their money to purchasing as many copies of the track as possible. Allamb went on to say:

"This looks to be the biggest flop for Mariah since “Loverboy,” which we lambs made a hit by gathering together and buying several copies. We can do the same for “Obsessed.”
I am asking you to make a donation to I will spend my time buying several copies of the single. I have already collected $80 from one fan. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, we are setting Saturday as “Obsessed” download day. Please download at least five copies! By the remixes! Mariah needs our help!"

Does Allamb realize that we're in a recession! The key isn't swindling MC fans of their hard earned cash (even though one commenter, LambDahling, boasted in donated $200.00 to the cause), but creating some viral Internet sensation. Idolator has been following one such incident as "Jill and Kevin's Wedding Dance" set to Chris Brown's "Forever" has sent the song hurtling back into the upper reaches of digital music stores. "Forever" currently sits at No. 7 on iTunes and No. 3 on Amazon's music charts.

Does that make you want to go out and buy "Forever"? Me neither. It does make me want to craft some sort of viral video for "Obsessed" that will land me on next Saturday's Today Show, move the song up from its current spot at No. 20 on the Hot 100 and, allow all Carey's fans to donate their money to a cause more substantive.

Have any ideas? Make a clip, upload it to YouTube, and post it here on 17 Tracks. The creator of the best one wins a copy of Memoirs if it ever ends up being released.


Anonymous said...

This was the dumbest vidoe I have EVER seen! Fat white men should not dance! Obsessed was kind of dumb too, good luck making it popular. but who knows peolpe love dumb stuff, so you could be Mariahs hero, and she already has a song written about that so you wouldnt even have to try and redeem that one too.

b-dawg said...

I don't know if that video makes me want to go out and buy "Forever" but it does make me want to have a choreographed wedding procession and join a church that allows clapping and loud hip-hop music! And I beg to differ with the first comment, fat white men were born to dance! We need more folks to get ballsy with there weddings!

b-dawg 2 said...

Oh and I forgot to mention that I actually teared up a little bit when the bride made her appearance!

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