Yaks To Release Sophomore Album

From humble beginnings, Alpine based band the Yaks have risen to become one of the most important groups in Utah valley. This collection of young high school misfits overcame the odds to win the Muse music battle of the bands, beating out the best college bands Provo had to offer. They also recently opened for Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband, not many people can say that, right? Their "Missle To The Sun" and cover of "Hey Ya!" have delighted fans but their sophomore effort, Young Blood promises to take the group to a whole new level.

"Hillary", a pentagonal love story has become a fan favorite since being released on an EP earlier this year and will be included on the album. Other must listen to tracks include the Spin Doctors-esque "Sally Sally" and "Reduce" with the revealing lyric, "I go to school, I just want to shout and fight and get naked".

My favorite thing about the Yaks is that they are local music that you can actually listen to because you like it, and not because your roomate's brother or best friend's cousin is in the band. So much of local music is bogged down by this "support my friend's band" mentality that many people are turned off by the whole affair. The Yaks can remedy that. If you're in Utah valley tonight, you are more than welcome to their CD release show at 7 in Alpine.


Anonymous said...

I love the YAKS!!!! I will definitely be at the show tonight!

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