Countdown to 09/09/09

I wrote a paper last year about illegal downloading and uncovered a lot excuses pirates have for declines in music sales that have nothing to do with Limewire. One of the most prevelant was that people are spending their time and money with thing other than music, such as video games (never mind that sales of iPods have gone up as sales of CDs have gone down). Now they really can't say that because video game sales are down 46% this year. Sucks to be in a recession doesn't it?

Viacom is hoping to save both industries next Wednesday, 09/09/09, when they release the Beatles: Rock Band. The game features 45 songs from the Fab Four, the first time the Beatles have allowed their music to be released digitally. Also on the same day, the entire Beatles catalog will be released in a digitally remastered format. But wait, there's more! Apple just announced that they are making some announcement on 09/09/09...could it be the Beatles are finally getting released on iTunes? Or is that just what they want us to think so it blows up the blogosphere? We'll find out next week.

Here's a taste of the Beatles: Rock Band


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