Free Download: Madonna "Celebration" Music Video

We've been giving Mariah Carey a hard time for her song "Obsessed" failing to reach the top ten and the ridiculous lengths her fans have gone to to try and rectify that but fellow diva Madonna is also having trouble with chart placing with her song "Celebration". "Celebration" debuted at No. 71 and, at the time of this writing, has completely fallen off the iTunes top 100 sellers. Before Madonna fans even have a chance to set up a blog and ask for "donations" to buy more copies of the track (or before Madonna has a chance to ask Justin Timberlake to do a remix of the song), the song's music video is available for free on iTunes for 48 hours. It will be interesting to see if giving away the video will stimulate sales for the song. Madonna's Greatest Hits entitled Celebration is set to drop September 29 and will include "Revolver", a new track featuring Lil Wayne.


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