Mash-Ups of the Year

This year, the honors for 17 Track's Mash-Up the Year will be awarded to two different mash-ups. DJ Earworm, creator of last year's mash-up of the year entitled "No More Gas", ends each year with a masterful hit packed creation. His mash-up this year, "Blame It On The Pop" is one of his best. Probably the best part is rhyming The Artist Formerly Known as Hannah Montana's "The Climb" with Beyonce's "Halo". It also has its fair share of The Black Eyed Peas, Jay Sean, Lady Gaga, and Jamie Foxx.

Earworm is a shoe-in to be crowned the mash-up of the year, but Makaio put together a clever Kanye West-Taylor Swift mash-up that shows how Swift might be if she started making dance music.

Both of these are great pieces of "bastard pop". Here they are, 2009's Mash-ups of the year:

"Blame It On The Pop"

"Yo Earworm, Imma Let You Finish, But Makaio Had One of the Best Mash-Ups of All-Time"


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Half of those songs were from 2008...

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