Top Nine Lady Gaga Outfits of 2009

Pop stars are usually known for what they don't wear, but Lady Gaga changed all of that in 2009. Every performance, public appearance, music video, and photo shoot showcased some of the most bizarre outfits in recent memory courtesy of the Haus of Gaga. Honors for most bizarre goes to the get-up Gaga wore to accept her award for Best New Artist (above). A worried Eminem looks on as Gaga, draped in red after she symbolically killed herself following a performance of "Paparazzi", accepts her first moonman. Check out the best of the rest below.
Dressed in nothing but bubbles, Lady Gaga appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.After accepting her award at the VMAs, Lady Gaga artistically recreated resurrection by wearing white and putting a bird's nest on her face. Or is it an Eskimo hoodie?This promotion ad for the singer's tour shows her in a gyroscope making her look more like an X-Man than pop star.This photo set off Illuminati theorist's radars with its supposed Masonic imagery, but most people just thought it was weird Lady Gaga was in a dress made out of Hello Kitty.Performing "Bad Romance" on Britain's X Factor, Lady Gaga donned some metallic bat ears and sang in a larger than life bathtub.For her AMA rendition of "Bad Romance", our hero wore glowing monster bones.When Lady Gaga performed "Speechless" for the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance, she chose the part of a red jester with a loooong train that draped down from her ten feet high piano. Veronica Electronica here needs to lay off the fake tanning.


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mmmm! she looks so hot in the monster ball one! that one is fantastic, xmen like or not!

nana said...

who is this ?

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she is awesome :)

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