Chart Watch: She's An Animal - Ke$ha Conquers America

Trashy pop tart Ke$ha has now done what not even Lady Gaga has been able to do.  She has the No. 1 album and song in America.

Ke$ha stays at No. 1 of the Hot 100 with "Tik Tok" for a fourth week as her debut album, Animal, knocks reigning champ Susan Boyle out of the penthouse after six weeks.

With that, Ke$ha becomes only the twelfth female artist in chart history to have a No. 1 album and song on her first try, making some doubt her inevitability as a one hit woner.  The complete list of female artists to top both the album and singles charts right out of the gate is made mostly out of superstars, so what does this mean for Ke$ha?  The list:

1963 - The Singing Nun: The Singing Nun and "Dominique"
1987-88 - Tiffany: Tiffay and "I Think We're Alone Now"
1990 - Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey and "Vision of Love"
1998 - Lauryn Hill: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and "Doo Wop (That Thing)"
1999 - Britney Spears: ...Baby One More Time and "...Baby One More Time"
1999 - Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera and "Genie In A Bottle"
2001 - Alicia Keys: Songs In A Minor and "Fallin'"
2002 - Ashanti : Ashanti and "Foolish"
2002-03 - Kelly Clarkson: Thankful and "A Moment Like This"
2003 - Beyonce: Dangerously In Love and "Crazy In Love"
2008 - Leona Lewis: Spirit and "Bleeding Love"
2010 - Ke$ha: Animal and "Tik Tok"

Putting the "Tik Tok" songstress in the same list as Mariah, Alicia, and Kelly seems laughable (I'll even go so far as to say putting her in the same list as Britney is laughable at this point), but does her inclusion here disprove the notion I had in the Jan. 2 edition of Chart Watch that consumers only love Ke$ha enough to drop $1.29 on her single and not bother with her album?  In other words, is Ke$ha the new Britney, or, like Leona, is she a flash in the pan that will be struggling to make people care about her sophomore album?

I'm going with the latter.  However, Ke$ha has both Britney and Leona beat already.  "Tik Tok"s four weeks at No. 1 is double what Miss Spears had with "...Baby One More Time", and with "Blah Blah Blah" debuting at No. 7, she also has double the top ten hits that Leona has.  Regardless, what Ke$ha pulled off really wasn't that amazing.  If Animal had been released a few weeks ago, this whole discussion would be a moot point.  Animal shifted 152,000 copies last week.  Susan Boyle's I Dreamed A Dream sold more over a month after it was released (510,000 in its fifth week).  Eat that Ke$ha.

What's more, 75% of Animal's sales were digital, and both iTunes and Amazon offered the album for $6.99.  All the kiddies spent their last bit of their gift cards and sent Ke$ha to the top.  In short, the trashy pop tart owes her double No. 1s to her smart record label as opposed to her own talents as a singer and songwriter.  But who knows, maybe the one to knock Ke$ha from No. 1 could be herself with "Blah Blah Blah" featuring 3OH!3 (You know you're living in the future when pop stars and bands stop using letters and start using numbers and symbols in their names).

1. Ke$ha - "Tik Tok" (fourth week at No. 1)
2. Lady Gaga - "Bad Romance"
3. Jay-Z - "Empire State of Mind" feat. Alicia Keys
4. Iyaz - "Replay"
5. Owl City - "Fireflies"
6. David Guetta - "Sexy Chick" feat. Akon
7. Ke$ha - "Blah Blah Blah" feat. 3OH!3
8. Young Money - "BedRock" feat. Lloyd
9. Rihanna - "Hard" feat. Jeezy
10. Jay Sean - "Down" feat. Lil Wayne


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