American Idol: Season 9 Kicks Off

As American Idol gears up to launch its ninth season, it begs the question: will it live up to past seasons? Sure, the glory days of Idol have long since passed-- days when its ratings rivaled that of the Oscars and the World Series...on a weekly basis-- but to say it has lost its mojo is debatable. Last season introduced a new judge, showcased the most talented top five since season 4, gave us the most polarizing contestant in its eight season history (sorry, Sanjaya) aptly nicknamed 'Glambert,' and concluded with arguably the biggest upset in Idol history, making for some great television.

With that said, the show has also recieved an onset of backlash over the past few seasons, and although the votes are still churning in by the billions and trillions, record sales for Idol alum aren't reaching the platinum statuses they used to. Reigning champ, Kris Allen, for instance, has seen tepid numbers with his self-titled debut (although, his first single has recently seen new chart life and has so far climbed to #30, more than Glambert can say). Aside from Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, most winners of American Idol have failed to make much of an impression on the music biz.

Season 9 proves to be an equally interesting season; with Paula out and Ellen in, it could make for some much needed humor and charm on the show. Ellen may not being a musician, but who are we kidding? Paula Abdul isn't either.

Only time will tell whether American Idol can maintain its firm grip on the hearts (and remotes) of America and if it can re-secure its position as the most powerful show on television. With 7 Grammys, 1 Oscar, and over 27 million records sold, the show has all but proven it can discover talent. The question standing, however, is "Can it continue to do so?" Tune in Tuesday and Wednesday nights from now until the end of May and see for yourselves.


hun*ter said...

I'll be honest, I've never watched a full season of Idol in my life. I watch the beginning of every other season and usually tune in the last few episodes, but with this being Simon's last, I'm planning on tuning in regularly. Idol has become an American institution and I would feel like I missed out if I didn't watch a full season while Simon was judging.

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