Mariah Carey Has More Camp Than A Tent Full of Boy Scouts

    Mariah Carey struggled last year.  The diva released her twelfth studio album, the awkwardly titled Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, and failed to generate much interest.  Second only to The Beatles in number of chart toppers, Mimi only managed to land one top ten hit from the album, and even that was a joke.
    Hoping to rejuvenate her career, Carey has announced the also horridly titled Angels Advocate, an album of remixes from Memoirs.  Her next two singles are remixes from the forthcoming album.  "Up Out My Face" features Young Money's Nicki Minaj while "Angels Cry" gets an assist from gentleman Ne-Yo.  The former has been compared to a tacky Target commercial and the latter shows our heroine singing in pouring rain in an alley.  Check the humorous videos after the jump.

"Up Out My Face" feat. Nicki Minaj

"Angels Cry" feat. Ne-Yo

    Oh Mariah, you never cease to entertain.  I must admit though, the line "If we were two lego blocks, even the Harvard University graduating class of 2010 couldn't put us back together again," from "Up Out My Face" deserves an award.


Chase said...

Thanks for posting these, H*nter. I now have two more things to add to my "Why I hate Mariah Carey" List. You may think I'm kidding, but I actually have a list. And it's written in red ink.

hun*ter said...

Why do I not doubt you at all. For some reason, I'm strangley attracted to the "Up Out My Face" video. It's so ridiculous, but I can't stop watching.

Levinson Axelrod said...

She's been making a fool of herself for ever since her divorce with Tommy. Everything after "Honey" has been a little sketchy. I'm hoping for one decent song please!

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