Taylor Swift Keeps Popping Out The Hits

After having the best selling album of 2009, scoring two top five hits, and winning the first VMA moonman for a country artist ever, it seems like Taylor Swift could easily sit back and enjoy her success.

The twenty-year-old refuses to rest on her laurels however.  Even after re-releasing Fearless with six new songs to tie her fans over, Swift continues to flood the marketplace with new songs and her loyal fans continue to eat them up.

Check out four of Taylor's new songs after the jump.

"Two Is Better Than One" with Boys Like Girls was released back in October, but it didn't get my attention until I went home for Christmas and heard my sister play it on endless repeat.  Its better than anything that made the re-release of Fearless and is currently iTunes 19th most downloaded song.

"Today Was A Fairytale" is Taylor's contribution to the "Valentine's Day" soundtrack.  Swift can't really put out anything bad, but the whole princess, fairytale imagery comes across a bit trite.  That hasn't stopped it from being iTunes most downloaded song.  Expect "Fairytale" to make a spash on the Hot 100 from its impressive sales alone.

Even the great John Mayer recognizes the talent and commercial appeal of Swift in "Half of My Heart", a cut from his recently released Battle Studies album.  Make no mistake, this is a Mayer song.  Unlike Boys Like Girls, Mayer uses the country sensation very minimally.  But hey, it gets her name on the credits and probably sold a few thousand more copies than it would otherwise.

"Fearless" is Taylor's fifth single to be released from her sophomore album.  The album's first single, "Love Story", was released all the way back in 2008.  Five singles spread across three years.  Pretty impressive Taylor.


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