Pop star Britney Spears has dethroned Ashton Kutcher as the most followed person on social networking site Twitter as the two race towards five million followers.  Spears celebrated by answering fan questions while Kutcher seemed indifferent.

     "What do U think about Brittney having more followers than u?" Kutcher tweeted earlier today.  "Answer "I don't care. Aren't u suppose 2B a movie reporter?"

     Kutcher made headlines last April when he had the first account to reach one million followers, beating out CNN.  Since then, he has been king of the site where he comments on items of personal interest and interacts with fans several times a day.  The Spears account however, is updated infrequently, and is often only tweets from her manager.

     Comparing the two accounts is a joke.  Kutcher's is one of the best examples of the power of social media online today.  Spears' on the other hand, is a hollow marketing tool.  Britney is propped up Weekend at Bernie's style to "connect" with her fans.  I wouldn't be surprised if she's never logged into Twitter in her life.

     "Messing around with Brett on GoChatGo.com. So funny. Have you guys tried it yet? -Brit" read a recent tweet.

     I'm sure the legendary Miss Britney Spears, the same Britney Spears who is a shell of her former self and halfheartedly lip synced and flailed her arms through a "comeback" went online to post some asinine comment about a chatting website.  What probably did happen was her manager made some scratch promoting this site to nearly five million people.

     Social media guide Mashable commented on Britney's account saying, "Updates are always posted from the web, even when the star tweets she is on location or at an event or party."  I can only imagine Britney walking around with a laptop when she goes out just so she can let everyone know how much fun she's having!  Even in the unlikely case that the tweets from Britney herself are authentic, Mashable points out that they account for only a third of her tweets.


kels said...

This just made me follow Ashton Kutcher. I gave up on Britney several weeks ago because her tweets were far too lame.

hun*ter said...

I feel like this will actually being a good thing for him. I'm sure he's gotten a lot of followers out of it.

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