University of Utah Newspaper Scandal Investigated

     The nine University of Utah student journalists responsible for the subliminal messages in their paper, The Daily Utah Chronicle, are under investigation according to City Weekly.  The website said:

     "Nine University of Utah graduating seniors and former staff members of the Daily Utah Chronicle received an e-mail alerting them that there has been a hold placed on their records after a traditional newspaper staff farewell gag caught the attention of administrators. Editors at the paper, as they have for at least a decade, arranged for the drop-cap letters in a series of farewell columns to spell out [sex organs]."

     The nine students were allegedly told that their actions violated the University's Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, basically, a watered down honor code. Spelling out inappropriate words in the last edition of the paper has been an annual tradition; although this is the first time writers for the Chronicle could face consequences for the prank.

     "I'm kind of flabbergasted," outgoing editor in chief, Rachel Hanson said. "I don't think they've done this to the Chronicle before. This is a new, extreme step they've taken. I don't know if they intend to scare us ... or really keep us from graduating."


Utah Newspapers said...

A senior prank done in poor taste. Not sure it (or they) deserves the attention it's getting.

Alan Taylor Farnes said...

One of those words was kind of funny and while, inappropriate, deserved some laughs, while another was simply vulgar and distasteful. I am surprised that a female is quoted above as not seeing it as a big deal in light of this other word I am referencing. I wonder what the words have been in past years and if they were as vulgar as this years'.

hun*ter said...

I can't imagine what would happen to someone who did this at BYU. The whole BYUSA-gate was bad enough.

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