17 Tracks Reaches 500 Posts

     17 Tracks reached a couple milestones last week.  The site published its 500th post as well as shattered the record for number of readers in a single week.  My little baby is growing up.

     17 Tracks started in 2005 when I was a freshman in college.  My buddy suggested I start a blog and write about music, one of my biggest passions.  I hopped on blogger and created the horribly titled "21st Century Musical Musings".  I actually only posted on it twice before I left for Northern California for two years to serve a mission for my church.  When I got back, I realized that musings is a terrible word that people only use when naming a blog, and I came up with a better name - 17 Tracks.

     My favorite magazine, Rolling Stone, got its name from a song ("Rolling Stone" by Muddy Waters.  Also inspired the band the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone") and I wanted to name my site after a song too.  I sat with my same friend who told me to start the site in the first place, and mulled over song titles and lyrics, trying to find the perfect one that captured the unique 21s century vibe I wanted for the site.

     I eventually settled on 17 Tracks from the Killer's song "Somebody Told Me".  "Breaking my back just to know your name/17 tracks and I've had it with this game," sang Brandon Flowers on his band's 2004 hit.  I couldn't have picked a better name.

     17 Tracks has grown from only me to a team of contributors.  Its audience has grown from a handful of family and friends in Provo and Gilbert to a worldwide audience with hundreds of views a week.  Its content has grown from music only to include culture, sports, religion, and politics.

      We've only just begun at 17 Tracks.  I have big plans for the future of this site and I want to thank everyone whose helped along the way.  I want to thank everyone who has written for it, commented on it, let me know about a typo, and most importantly, to everyone who as been a reader.  I hope you find it compelling.

May the next 500 post be even sweeter than the first,



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