Brandon Flowers "Crossfire"

     Killers front man Brandon Flowers has finally released his solo debut single "Crossfire".  You can hear it streaming on his website.  If the song sounds like classic Killers, that's not a mistake.

     "To be honest, I personally would prefer it if this was a Killers record," Flowers said. "Some of these songs were originally destined to be Killers songs, but it is what it is. I certainly never sat around dreaming of going out on my own, but singing songs and writing songs, it's kind of what I do, you know? And I just don't want to stop right now."

     "Crossfire" continues in the same vein of steady, powerful, and arena-ready epicness as "All These Things That I've Done" and "A Dustland Fairytale".  Lyrically, Flowers sings about heaven, hell, and the devil, all common Killers themes.  "We're caught in the crossfire of heaven and hell and we're searching for shelter,"  he sings.

     Flower's album, Flamingo, is due out in September.  Producer Stuart Price who worked on the band for Day & Age is a confirmed collaborator, and Rilo Kiley singer Jenny Lewis is set to duet on a track entitled "Hard Enough".  Flowers said the album draws its title from the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, his hometown.

     "I think its inevitable that the town is going to creep into our music.  All of us have stories of family members that have made wrong choices in Las Vegas and are kind of casualties of Las Vegas," the singer said in a recent interview.

     Check out the interview below where Flowers talks about his music, Las Vegas, and Mormonism.


ConnieGirl said...

I'm liking the song a lot! I'm okay that it sounds Killers-ish because, well, I loved the Killers.

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