The Lady Gone Gaga

Lady Gaga's choice of outfits seem to indicate that she craves attention. When the singer showed up at the New York Mets game on June 10 wearing just a leather jacket over a bikini, it was just another obnoxious Gaga creation. But when fans and photographers spotted her and attempted to document the Gaga siting to show their friends, she threw a fit, forcing ballpark officials escort her into Jerry Seinfeld's luxury box, where the Gaga gave booing fans the bird. Oddly enough, she told Mets officials she "wanted to go incognito". Maybe that is how Lady Gaga does incognito? Just your basic bra and undies to a baseball game.

Now, we all know that Lady Gaga is serious about her artistic presence. The world has had the opportunity to see her parade around in Alexander McQueen armadillo heels, bejeweled glasses and hair bows made of hair. Plus, she doesn't miss a beat when it comes to shocking the world with her risque videos- Alejandro, anyone? But in the last few weeks, Gaga has missed the memo that there is a difference between performance and reality by drawing more attention to herself with bizarre outbursts we'd never expect from her.

Gaga later continued her attention-seeking tour through NYC, attending a Yankees-Mets game wearing fishnets, a black bra and a pinstriped Yankees jersey. Although she didn't give anyone the middle finger, Page Six reported that she was permanently banned from the team's clubhouse after her boozy antics- swigging Jameson Irish whiskey and repeatedly fondling her chest. Gag.

The Yankees' general manager denied the claims, but a MLB official noted, "Just because someone is a celebrity doesn't mean they get a credential that authorizes them to the clubhouse. I am sure there are exceptions ... She never had permission to enter either clubhouse."

Seinfeld isn't a big Gaga fan either. On WFAN radio Monday night, the comedian called the pop star out for the recent ballpark chaos. "This woman is a jerk. I hate her," he said. "I don't know why she's doing this stuff. I don't know what these young people think or how they promote their careers. I'm not one of these all-publicity-is-good people. People talk about you need exposure -- you could die of exposure."

Then we have Gaga overshadowing her own family by attending her younger sister Natali's graduation ceremony wearing a black, veiled hat and nude bodysuit. Seriously? Can't she give her sister one moment to shine and not be the center of attention? No, I don't think that is possible for this Lady.

"Gaga needs to worry about looking pathetic. People will tolerate rockstar behavior like smashing guitars and destroying hotel rooms, but she shouldn't complain about the attention- that she's desperately seeking," Fuller adds. "She's clearly insecure, but if she continues this behavior, it will be the kiss of death for her career."

Well, I don't think Gaga is going anywhere anytime soon. But I do think her attitude and presence is obnoxious and generally out of line. Even though I feel this way, I listen to Gaga on the daily. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.


Anonymous said...

gaga really needs to take it down a notch in my opinion. while i love her music and her originality, it's gotten a bit out of hand. we all know you know you're awesome, but don't make it obvious by making yourself stand out at an event that isn't even your own.

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