Album Review: Robyn "Body Talk Pt. 1"

"I lost all my faith in science, so I put my faith in me." - Robyn, "Cry When You Get Older"

     EPs have grown in popularity the past year.  Lady Gaga's planned re-release of The Fame transformed into The Fame Monster EP, Drake launched his career with the So Far Gone EP before releasing a full-length album, and now Swedish underground pop artist Robyn is marketing her music in a brand new way with EPs.  Rather than release one full-length album, she's popping out three EPs.  If the first installment, Body Talk Pt. 1 is any indication, we have a lot to look forward to from Robyn.

     Robyn is virtually unchallenged in her niche as emo-pop's indie chick.  It's evident from the first track, "Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do".  With almost any other artist, this song would sound like an unfinished demo, listing off things that are "killing me", from "these hours" to "my landlord".  Robyn pulls it off.

     Her strong point is her ability to make highly catchy and danceable tunes that at their heart, are tragic.  Songs like "Dancing On My Own" and "Cry When You Get Older" are the epitome of this.  "I'm in the corner watching you kiss her...I'm not the girl you're taking home/I keep dancing on my own," she sings amid drum machines and crisp synth lines in "Dancing".  Although the 8 track EP sags towards the end, this promising first in a trilogy of Body Talks is promising.

Rating: 8/10
Must download: "Dont Fucking Tell Me What To Do", "Dancing On My Own", "Cry When You Get Older"


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