Twitter Account Inspires TV Show

     You've heard of books becoming movies and movies becoming TV shows, but this is a first.  A new TV show entitled $#*! My Dad Says is airing this fall on CBS, and it was inspired by a Twitter account.  The "Shit My Dad Says" Twitter account boasts 1,448,086 followers, follows only LeVar Burton (of Reading Rainbow fame) and includes post such as, "Pressure? Get married when you want. Your wedding's just one more day in my life I can't wear sweat pants," and "Can we talk later? The news is on... Well, if you have tuberculosis it's not gonna get any worse in the next 30 minutes."  Willim Shatner plays "dad" in the show that revolves around his relationship with his two sons.

     The first time we heard about the Twitter account, we knew it was a television show," said executive producer Max Mutchnick.  Yeah, I read Twitter accounts all the time I think should be shows.  Can someone please make a show about my account?  Please?


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