West Coast Represent...or Something

     I hate "California Gurls" [sic].  I get angry every time I hear it.  I want it and Katy Perry to go away.  Regardless, this is funny.  A group of "California Gays" made their own music video for the song and fulfilled Katy Perry's desire to have her summer anthem be the yin to "Empire State of Mind's" yang.  It makes me mad that she thinks her garbage is on the same level as Jay-Z's No. 1 hit.  Ugh.  Anyways, be sure to check out the video at 1:39.


Anonymous said...

Let's get something straight. Katy Perry is garbage, but damn catchy garbage. Don't get all uppity about the quality of her music when all your blog covers is Top 40 Hits. You signed up for this pal. Music with actual substance is rarely in Top 40 because the uneducated masses have terrible taste, which is why Katy Perry is No. 1 right now.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above statement...although I am educated and i do like Katy Perry-she is not the best but better then Jay-z, or maybe I just have an issue with him...and come on you love Kayne West...Peace to you God Bless. And I am a California Gurl and proud of it!!!

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