Bad Turnout for World Record Attempt

Last week, a Craigslist ad asked L.A. residents to dress up as superheroes in order to beat Melbourne, Australia's current world record for most people dressed in superhero costumes.

Considering 1,245 Australians took time out of their busy schedules to break the last record, it was a definitely a disappointment to see only 8 heroes from America.

Not quite the "hundreds of costumed characters" promised by the ad, which has now been deleted. Since the organizer didn't show either, we'll assume this was a some kind of cruel practical joke. I hope they at least had fun.


HesstonsHullabaloo said...

That is hilarious. Shoot if I knew about it and I was back home I'd be all over that!

hun*ter said...

I would have gone as Iron Man.

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