Janelle Monae Releases Music Video of the Year

     Up-and-coming artist Janelle Monae has accomplished quiet a bit in her short time as a signed artist.  Last year, the 24-year-old Kansas native was nominated for a Grammy for Best Urban/Alternative Performance for the song "Many Moons".  Still, Monae isn't exactly a household name.  She doesn't really have the budget to make a nine-minute long music video crammed with product placement and elaborate storylines with Beyonce.  Still, she managed to make the music video of the year.

     The 3:44 video for "Cold War" is a one take shot of the singer lip synching her song in front of the camera.  She looks straight into the camera, mouthing "I was made to believe there's something wrong with me".  Suddenly, she breaks her flawless lip synch.  The smile on her face makes the viewer think it was a mindless flub.  Then she looks down.  When her eyes reach the camera, she is no longer the strong self assured singer she was just moments before.  She's vunerable.  It takes her a while to get back on track with the song, but she does, a single tear streams down her face.

     "Cold War" is the 21st Century cousin to Sinead O'Conner's "Nothing Compares 2 U".  It's not a complex music video, but it's beautiful and it's powerful.  Music video of the year.

Janelle Monae "Cold War"

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HesstonsHullabaloo said...

I love her facial expression. A person can say a lot with body language. You can tell this song really strikes a chord with her, that it is evoking some intense emotions. I like that her makeup isn't distracting, that its just enough to enhance her features. I love the close up shot of the MV because it makes it easier for the audience to make connection with her. Its almost as if she is singing directly to us.

Love this

Chase said...

Janelle Monae is extraordinary. This video is perfect in every way. I'm a fan.

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