Jimmy Eat World "My Best Theory"

     The boys are back.  Jimmy Eat World released "My Best Theory", the first single from their forthcoming Inventions, today.  From the band that told a generation "don't write yourself off yet," and "it's only in your head you feel left out," comes a single that isn't about being so sure of yourself.  We're a long way from the days of being the only clothed one in a party of pretentious barley dressed posers.  "Not like one side is any better...My best theory is already ending," sings Jim Adkins.  The track hits radio tomorrow.  Listen to it here.


ajo said...

umm that link leads to "the middle" which is definately not new. just saying. i wanna hear the new stuff!

hun*ter said...

I am so grateful for my faithful readers. You always let me know when you're wrong. I was going to use "The Middle" link when I described the music video, but alas, I goofed. It's all fixed now. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

its my best theory is already in me

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