McNugget Rage

An Ohio woman with a mad craving for Chicken McNuggets flew into a violent rage at a drive-through window when the restaurant told her they were only serving breakfast.

Melodi Dushane really, really wanted her chicken nuggets. So she wasn't loving it when a worker at the Toledo McDonald's told her they stopped serving the meal at 2:30 a.m.

In fact, she completely flipped out. The 25-year-old reacted to the news by getting out of her car and throwing punches at the employee, then pounding on the glass with her elbow and then finally smashing it. Girl, are you serious?

Skip ahead to about 1:15 to see her violent reaction:

Dushane has been charged with vandalism and 60 days in prison, where she will not be permitted to eat any nuggets. She was asked not to return to the same McDonald's restaurant ever again.

My usual problem is that they aren't serving breakfast anymore when I want it at 11 a.m. But I've never punched anyone because of it. I can only hope some good came from this and McDonald's will decide to serve their entire menu 24 hours a day.


ajo said...

this video made my DAY! what the freak. crazy, out of control lady.

Anonymous said...


kels said...

I like how at the very end of the clip they just serve another customer like its any normal day. I mean, I guess they have to. But still. Traumatic.

hun*ter said...

It really did make for the perfect ending, didn't it?

HesstonsHullabaloo said...

My mom was killing herself when she saw this on the News. haha.
Has anyone seen "Carpool"... she is like the mom of the circus guy.
When she is hungry she throws tantrums!

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