M.I.A. "XXXO" Music Video

     M.I.A. announced the world premiere of the Hype Williams directed "XXXO" music video today by tweeting, "“WORLD PREMIA XXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOO XXXO XXXO XXXO VIDEO!!!YO!”

      A little much?  Probably.  But that's until you see the video.  It's like the Sri Lankan anti-pop star's MySpace exploded, shooting animated unicorns, swans, and those goofy sparkly stars that people used when they posted "Thanks for the add!"


Jims said...
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Jims said...

I was trying to be clever in the previous comment and it failed. Rather, I'll just say that I love this video.

HesstonsHullabaloo said...

haha! Its like all that nasty over the top floral, cutesy and glittery shizz we loved in the 90's. This also reminds me a lot of those stupid glitter/sparkling pictures people would put in myspace comments back in the day. I love this music video though. I just want to keep watching it. I have to say I want her shiny, slick gold shirt... then when I finally buy a pair of the gold sequence TOMS I'll have something to wear them with.

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