Kanye's 'Chosen One'

Kanye West, who joined Twitter last week and already has 190 tweets and over 400,000 followers, chose to follow one lucky individual, 19-year-old Steve Holmes (@ste_101) of Coventry, England. "I just commented on something on Kanye West's account and next thing I know he's following me," Holmes told the Coventry Telegraph. "I was like, 'Oh my God!' But about 20 seconds later I had 20 messages from people I didn't even know and my phone wouldn't stop bleeping."

Steve had 60 followers, but an hour after being 'chosen' by Kanye he had more than 1,000. Now, he has nearly 5,000. But it's been strange, he says.

"A guy wanted me to look at his film trailer and people have been sending me links to their music demos -- as if I have some sort of influence over Kanye West. The funny thing is I like his music but I'm not his biggest fan," Steve said.

Kanye kicked off Steve's 15 minutes of fame with the words: "You are the chosen one dun dun dun dun."

Kanye is weird. I personally couldn't handle following him on Twitter for more than a day before I gave up. Not only does he over-tweet, he often doesn't make sense.

If you aren't familiar with Kanye's launch into the Twittiverse, check out a recap here


kels said...

I heart Kanye. I wish I was @ste_101

Anonymous said...

I like when celebrities randomly follow one person. Conan does that.

Jenna said...


Anonymous said...

I am @ste_101.

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