A Creepy Reason to Keep Your Apartment Clean

With Fall just around the corner, be prepared to not only bring out the sweaters, but also keep a look-out for some 8-legged friends. According to a recent article on KSL, we're right at the beginning or spider breading season, and they're on the prowl. Ryan Davis, from the Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab Insect Diagnostician, said in the article, "Between the end of August and early October, hobo spiders especially are a common one that can be found migrating into homes."

To protect yourself from risk of a bite, experts suggest that you move your bed a few inches away from the wall (hobo spiders can't climb walls) as well as get rid of your bedskirt (they can climb up fabrics). As spiders prefer to hide in cool, dry places keeping clothes off the ground will also will help keep spiders from hanging around the apartment.

From personal experience, don't believe when you've killed one you've killed them all.


HesstonsHullabaloo said...

Ok I don't mind spiders chillin outside but once they are inside the house I kinda get creeped out. Idk... is it taboo that something outside is inside? I think yes. I just got a spider bite... like 5 seconds ago, no joke. I think its the one that lives in our couch. He is like Rasputin or Voldemort's cuz, he never dies.. he just lives by eating my flesh.

I know this guy and he got bit by a recluse spider in his sleep and he had to have his arm amputated! Isn't that the scariest thing ever! Creeps me out.

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