10 Dumb Things You Don't Want to Do Your 1st Week at School

1. Get in a car accident. Not only did you just spend a couple thousand dollars on your tuition, books, and rent, you probably don't want to be paying for repairs on your car. Getting in a car accident is horrible for you and the 1/2 mile traffic jam you just created. Be smart and pay attention to where you are going.

2. Start your question in class with "I know that this might not have to do with the subject, but..." Aside from the numerous groans and eye-rolls from everyone in the class, you aren't usually adding to the class discussion. We want to get out on time and the professor is starting to wish that summer break hadn't finished so early.

3. Go to the BYU Bookstore and/or Cougareat during lunch time. It is a mad house there. Long lines, barely edible food, and closed cash registers. Enough said.

4. Make mention of your mention of your mission in every class discussion, social event, or flirtatious remark. I'm sure your mission was great, mine was, but we really don't care that you learned Spanish while serving in Somalia. Share experiences when appropriate and relevant.

5. Choose seats that are apart from each other for you and your special friend. I don't want you to be leaning across me to whisper something cute or have you stare deep into each others' eyes while I'm stuck between you two. Request that I move to the next chair or sit together in the aisle-way.

6. Figure out the best way to have the TA do help you do your homework. Wait maybe that's not that dumb of an idea.

7. Be stuck in traffic with only 5 minutes to spare before class starts. Leave early because traffic is a nightmare around 8 AM and 9 AM. But in about two weeks half the campus will realize they don't really need to go to their early morning class, then the roads will be clear and you can cruise on over to class.

8. Walk really slow with you friends up the middle of the stairs. I'm late for class that's on the other side of campus, get outta my way!

9. Eat too many mint brownies. That's how you gain the freshman 20.

10. Send out emails to all 250 classmates about your "get rich quick" scheme or how "I missed all the lectures and will someone please give me your notes?" I'm pretty sure that the mass email button Blackboard is for questions regarding difficult concepts or setting up study groups.

Have a great year at BYU! Follow these Don'ts for the rest of your stay here and you'll leave happy and people will like you in class.


hun*ter said...

Can we also talk about people who are the first to class and they sit on the end of the rows and give angry looks when people have to walk over them to get to the middle? Bothers me to no end.

nick said...

So true, so true. I can't stand that and then they take forever to pack up their backpack at the end of class and the whole row can't get out.

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