Bikestravaganza in Provo

 Joe Biel of Portland, Or.

Tuesday night, two bicycle enthusiasts traveled to Provo as part of a month long tour across the western United States. Bikestravaganza, hosted by the Provo Bike Committee, was a hit that attracted more than 30 Provo residents.

The event was a held to celebrate the addition of over 60 miles of new, bike-friendly lanes. The plan, which has been in the making for the last three years, was finally passed by the Provo Municipal Council in early August.

Zac Whitmore, the Chairman of the Provo Bike Committee said that some of the roads that will be effected are 9th East, 5th West, Freedom Boulevard, Bulldog Avenue and University Avenue.

Joe Biel and Elly Blue, the two people in charge of Bikestravaganza, presented the room with clips, information, and videos on the effectiveness of the Portland bike lanes. They also discussed the struggles that a community experiences as they grow to become bike-friendly. While a community may struggle, new communities are formed.

"I think there's a common thread in life that everyone needs a community around them," Biel said. "Biking is like a makeshift family."

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nick said...

I'm actually happy that this is happening. Provo has terrible streets for sharing the road between drivers and cyclists. There have been too many accidents and close calls already. I just hope that the bikers will really use the bikelanes instead of hovering out in traffic.

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