UVU Renames Event Center

Orem -- Utah Valley University's Mckay Event Center has been renamed following a donation from Utah Community Credit Union. The facility, one of the largest in Utah Valley seating 8,500, hosts sporting events, concerts, as well as dances not only for the UVU community but for all residents of Utah County. The event center will now be known as the UCCU Center.

The name change came about when the Credit Union paid 2.5 million dollars, dispersed over the next 10 years, for naming rights. Previously the rights were held by the Mckay family since 1995, who decided it was time that someone else supported the university.

Val Hale, UVU’s vice president for institutional advancement, said “This was an unselfish gesture by the McKay family. We probably would not have moved forward [with renaming the building] without the McKay family."

Spokesmen from the university said the funds donated to the school will be used for student

scholarships, the athletics program as well as other educational priorities. The donation comes at an important time for the university as the school is experiencing more enrollment as well as less state funding than in the past.

"I couldn't be more delighted with this announcement," UVU President Matthew Holland said. "I envision it to be a long and very productive association for these 10 years."


hun*ter said...

I was sure an MLM was going to try to get naming rights.

nick said...

I am curious to know if that could ever happen at BYU, if the Marriott Center could become the Burger King Center.

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