Sarah Palin Has Nice Legs

This video is ridiculous. It features Bristol Palin walking around with her child, not speaking to the cameras, while in LA for Dancing With the Stars. It also shows hot mom Sarah Palin walking around in running shorts, which is apparently a really big deal. The Palin's have become well-known celebrities and paparazzi targets.

I took a poll. It may or may not be representative of the entire nation.

9 in 10 people asked could identify both Bristol and Sarah Palin.

From the same 10, 7 could identify the Obama girls, but only 5 knew their names.

And just 2 people could identify our current Vice President, Joe Biden.

Why are we obsessed with the Palin's?


hun*ter said...

She's the most successful failed VP candidate in American history I think.

Jims Porter said...

Holy hell, where are the lesbian jokes? I won't deny Hillary's pant suits lending themselves to a dyke joke or two, but look at how Sarah Palin walks when she's not on camera. She looks identical to my butch ex-P.E. teacher.

Anonymous said...

Americans are obsessed with the Palin's because the men like how hot Sarah is and the women (most of them) like that she is a female who is empowering. but come on she is fake!! Would she really have done this nation good, or will she do this nation good. Probably not.

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