Rachel Stevens Official Website Back Online

Rachel Stevens is the poster girl for pop injustice. This British pop star's short career produced two albums and seven singles including two No. 2 hits but due to general ambivalence of the British public, she hasn't released a thing since 2005. Although her artistic input was neg liable (one co-writing credit on her sophomore album Come And Get It), she embraced her role as a manufactured pop star and never pretended to be anything different. Stevens was a lightning rod for innovative pop during the mid 2000s getting handed hits from songwriting giants Xenomania, Richard X, and Cathy Dennis. Her body of work is small but impressive.

Stevens fans have held out hope for new music, but have spent the past three years sorley disappointed. Stevens had seemingly hung up the microphone in defeat and began using her pretty face to compete on the televised British dancing competition show, Strictly Come Dancing. Today however, her official website was relaunched causing (very small) ripples on the internet. Although the new site has absolutely no hint of a third album, some staunch Rachel fans are hoping this is the preliminary step towards a comeback. Regardless, enjoy Steven's biggest hit, "Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex."
"In essence she is the quintessential modern pop star, and when we look back at this era [she] will be one of the defining people." - Richard X, 2005


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