Rihanna, Chris Brown Ready Albums

In either a show of unity or an attempt at oneupmanship, former flames Rihanna and Chris Brown lit up the Internet today with information about their upcoming albums.

Rihanna debuted the album's lead single, "Russian Roulette" on her website this morning. The track is another generic Ne-Yo slow burner filled with obvious gun metaphor lyrics. It doesn't seem like the best choice for a lead single. The singer's fourth album, to be titled Rated R, is slated for release on Nov. 24.

For an album due out in just over a month by one of the biggest pop star's on the planet, I'm extremely surprised at how her label, Island Def-Jam, has managed to keep the project under wraps. No one knew she was even working on an album until the message, "The Wait is Ova" was posted on her website.

Also today, Chris Brown posted a collage of pics from his upcoming Joseph Kahn directed video for "I Can Transform Ya". The R&B star has some major PR issues to deal with after news surfaced that he physically assaulted Rihanna, and what better way to deal with it than have a Lil Wayne guitar solo?

Besides revealing the Wayne collaboration, the pictures also show Brown doing his best Kanye West impersonation sporting shades and a long jacket with a popped collar. He is also using anime cartoons for the cover of "Transform". Maybe emulating an artist with heaps of image problems of his own isn't the best idea. Brown's album, Graffiti is set to hit stores Dec. 8.


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